Abacus build and run customer-commissioned accommodation camps. An Abacus contractor camp is a total solution covering construction, maintenance, services and hospitality providing you the benefit of working with one company, one contact person and one monthly invoice.

Developed to meet the growing lifestyle expectations of on-site contracted workforces in remote areas, Abacus camps provide a full gambit of services including different levels of accommodation, ablutions, kitchens, laundries, security and recreational facilities. Abacus offer a turnkey camp solution, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business.
The revolutionary EzeeSpace modular unit is the core of an Abacus Camp. The modular concept allows for maximum flexibility and up to a 3 storey build. Each unit is delivered totally selfcontainedand as the needs of your camp change, the EzeeSpace units can easily be reconfigured or relocated to meet requirements.
Being the only SA based manufacturer of flat pack modular units, Abacus offer a quality product and one of the fastest factory to on-site space solutions available..

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